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Replacement Resin Vat and Lid

Replacement Resin Vat and Lid

SKU: 006

MODEL V Replacement Resin Vat & Lid


Order this replacement resin vat when you need to replace your original vat or you need an extra one for different resin. To temporally store the resin in the resin vat, you will need something to cover the resin vat up to prevent light and dust getting in the resin. The lid is designed to cover your resin vat perfectly. It is made of black UV and chemical resistant PMMA. The beautiful mat black finish perfectly matches the resin vat itself. The clear handle makes it very easy to pick up. With the lid, you can safely store the resin in the resin vat for a short time without the need to clean the resin vat.

Take the resin vat off the printer and put it on a paper towel. Then simply cover the resin vat with the lid and put them in a dry and cool area.


Do not leave the resin vat on your printer with resin in it. It is not recommended to store resin in the vat for more than 48 hours. If you not gonna use the resin soon, store them back in the bottle.


What's included:

Black-oxide Aluminum Resin Vat x1

Resin Vat Lid x1

The FEP film is pre-installed on the vat.



Ships in 1-3 business days once clear payment has been received.

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