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Desktop 3D PRINTER

The best desktop LCD 3D printer ever created!


A sub-$1,000 3D printer with industrial level design and quality, with a complete Wi-Fi, slicing software and custom mask solution. MODEL V supports almost all the 400nm UV resin on the market and delivers amazing high-precision, high-resolution prints.

   Build Volume


   UV LED Power

  30 W

   X-Y Resolution


   Z Accuracy


   Layer Thickness

  15-150 microns

   Print Speed

  Up to 50 mm/hour

Million Pixels

Incredible Resolution

MODLE V uses a 2k resolution (538 ppi) 5.5 inch LCD panel along with a powerful 30W 405nm UV LED light source, delivering fast printing speed with spectacular detail.

MODEL V has a minimum feature size as small as 75 microns (depends on the rein), combined with a large build area. It is the ideal 3D printer for creators who need to print big, but still want great detail, precision, accuracy, and surface finish.


Doesn’t matter if you are producing engineering prototype or bridge models, making action figures or artwork, printing brooches or wedding rings for casting, MODEL V will fit in perfectly.

Faster Print Speed

Unlike laser SLA 3D printers that are drastically slower when printing large or complex parts, MODEL V’s print speed is consistently fast, and only dependent on the height of your model.

Printing multiple models takes the same amount of time as printing one model, making LCD 3D printing the most time-efficient 3D-printing option and up to ten times faster than laser SLA 3D printing.

Constant Print Speed

Up to 10x Faster

When Compared to Laser SLA

Shape your ideas

Ultra-High-Resolution Output

MONOCURE Rapid Clear 25um layer

Digitally Masked Image Output

Up to 99% Uniformity Light Output

DLP Printers

There will often be distortion in most commercial projectors due to the design, manufacturing and quality of the lenses.

Laser SLA Printers

The mirror inside the printer where the laser reflecting will compromise resolution and accuracy in the outer parts of the build platform.

Regular LCD Printers

Most regular LCD printer uses a single UV LED light source. Without a mask, the light intensity will be weaker in the outer parts of the platform.


MODEL V allow users to print with a digital mask.

Which reduces the non-uniformity in light intensity to as less as 1%.

A pre-calibrated universal mask profile that works for both Creation Workshop and NanoDLP is available for download to give you an uniform light intensity across the entire build platform to ensure that all of your printed parts, regardless of size and shape, are accurate.



Beautiful acrylic UV safety lid.

Maximum UV protection in both ways.

Industrial grade Z-axis rail, combined with direct shaft stepper motor.

Rubber insert brass anti-backlash lead screw nut.

Precision Z axis movement.

No backlash.

No wobble.


Extruded and CNC machined building platform structures. Leveling will never be needed.

The vat thumb nuts are CNC machined from light-weight aluminum rod.

Elegant anodized aluminum casing with stunning brushed surface finish.

Each and every MODEL V is checked by at least 4 engineers before shipping to you.



Everything we do,

We do it perfect.

Always Leveled, Always Precision

Superior Design, No Leveling Needed

Rubber Insert Anti-backlash Lead Screw

Direct Shaft Drive Without Coupling

Industrial Grade Linear Rail

Extruded Aluminum Arm

CNC Machined Platform

Reliable, Smart

Other than the lid and electronics, MODEL V is entirely made from metal.

Premium industrial grade power supply

Custom-built PCB board along with the most stable HDMI-MIPI HD Video design

High power LED light source guarded by a highly efficient cooling system. Maximum working temperature around  50℃.

Automatic cooling and temperature control.

High temperature warning

Emergency power cut off.

Non-response and lost connection detection.

Auto power off.

Durable LCD Panel

The high-quality LCD panel allows you to print for more than a thousand hours before a replacement LCD is needed.

We use a custom-built ultra-thin tampered  glass made of borosilicate glass to provide both ultra durable protection and excellent UV transmission.

The glass cover ensures the LCD and its vulnerable cable are protected from external forces. It takes a lot to break the tampered glass. Even so, the LCD panel refuses to quit. 

Use your MODEL V with more confidence and less frustration.

CNC-machined Resin Vat

High-quality FEP Films

316 Stainless Steel Ring Plate & Screws

Wi-Fi and NanoDLP solution

Wired or Wireless.

Creation Workshop or NanoDLP.

The Wi-Fi BOX allow you to print and control your MODEL V through Wi-Fi.

A Whole Market of Resin

Hundreds of Choices

MODEL V uses a 30W 400-405nm UV LED as it's curing light source. MODEL V works most of UV 3D printing resin on the market.


Connect with Wi-Fi

Work with NanoDLP


Control with your PC, Mac

your Phone and Tablet

anything has a web browser


The energy used by MODEL V is an order of magnitude lower than used in comparable systems.


Download the pre-configured Creation Workshop and you are ready to print.



Engineered for precision

Designed for reliability

Each and every one


Works with almost all UV DLP low viscosity 3D printing resin

Hundreds of choices




XAYAV MODEL V High Resolution Desktop 3D Printer




Curing source:

LCD screen: 

Z accuracy: 

Layer thickness: 

Max. printing volume: 

Building speed:

Vat size:

Vat volume:

Slice Software: 


Resin type: 

Printer Size: 

Printer Weight: 

Power input: 


Product origin: 

LCD-based SLA 3D printer

405 ~ 410 nm


2560x1440 (47microns pixel size, 538 PPI)

< 5 microns

15 ~ 150 microns

121x68x200 mm

Up to 50 mm/hour depends on the resin

184x126 mm (outer)

152x94 mm (inner)

350 ml (270 ml with the platform in)

Creation Workshop

NanoDLP (requires additional hardware)

XAYAV MODEL V custom firmware

Most 405nm UV 3D printing resin

20x19x40 cm

5 kg

85 ~ 265 VAC  47 ~ 63 Hz  2000mA Max.

1-year limited warranty

Designed in USA, assembled in USA

All XAYAV products are either made in the US or assembled in the US. All our products are examined and tested at by at least 2 QA officers or engineers before shipping. We ship our products and replacement units/parts from our US based factory or warehouse by expedited shipping methods both domestic and international.

Our Customer Service team is aimed to provide you the best customer experience possible. We are happy to help with any questions or feedback you may have, and strives to answer emails within 24 hours. Please keep in mind that replies to your inquiries may take some time, especially if they require us to do some research to answer your questions.

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Wedding ring, a design of Joan Codina
Wedding ring, a design of Joan Codina
Wedding ring, a design of Joan Codina
Wedding ring, a design of Joan Codina
Wedding ring, a design of Joan Codina
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Dental Samples
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MONOCURE Rapid Clear 25um layer
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Fun To Do SW 50um layer
Fun To Do SW 50um layer
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