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Plug 'N Play*, No Firmware Required!

Introducing the XAYAV HAK. We developed the HAK as both a fix for an often detrimental problem with the Creality CR-10S Pro, and as an upgrade for the Creality CR-10 and other similar printers on the market today. A large number of CR-10S Pro users have reported inaccuracies with the Z-axis proximity sensor, which may cause print failures due to improper Z-axis homing and imperfect first layer printing as the printer fails to return the Z-axis to the home position accurately.

The XAYAV Homing Adjustment Kit adds a simple mechanical switch to your CR-10S Pro to both eliminate the proximity sensor's inaccuracy and compensate for different printing materials or layer thicknesses with a single thumb screw. Installing the XAYAV HAK will not disable the proximity sensor completely, you can still use the proximity sensor for automatic bed leveling if needed.

For other CR-10 series printers, the single thumb screw comes in handy when adjusting bed homing position to compensate for a change in printing material, bed adhesive, or printing layer thickness. Because the XAYAV HAK was specifically designed for CR-10 series printers, it will fit your printer perfectly and the simple installation will only take a few minutes. No more babysitting and no more reprints. 

Compatible Printers:


  • Creality

    • CR-10

    • CR-10S

    • CR-10S PRO

    • CR-10 S4

    • CR-10 S5

    • CR-X

    • Ender 2

    • Ender 3




    • A10

    • A10M

    • A20

    • A20M


  • TEVO




PDF Installation Instructions


Same business day shipping, Fast 'N Free*

* The HAK is mostly plug and play with simple installation process.
* Free U.S.P.S First Class Package US domestic shipping including Alaska and Hawaii (1-3 business day delivery).
   Shipping charges may apply for US outlaying islands and international.
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