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Monocure Resin

Fast, high quality and one of the most affordable high-quality 3D printing resins that make your vision a reality. Delivered direct to you and tailored specifically for your printing needs. Use promotion code: XAYAV15OFF to get 15% off when you buy from MONOCURE for XAYAV 3D printers.

Fun To Do Resin

Among many different resins tested on the MODEL V, Fun To Do 3D printing resin is one of the best. High-quality, wide variety, exceptional details. is the US distributor. For distribution in other countries, please visit

MODEL V resin profiles

XAYAV LCD-based SLA 3D printers are designed to be compatible for most of 395nm - 420nm 3D printing resin on the market. Each different resin has its unique curing speed and optimal curing temperature. For each different resin or the same resin at different layer thickness, need to be printed at its optimal curing speed and curing temperature. For some resin, adding pigments or dye will change the curing speed as well.

Our engineering team is always looking for 3D printing resin that works with our printers. We will always put the latest resin profile and resin information here on this page.

In our DOWNLOAD page, you can find the latest resin profile for NanoDLP users. For Creation Workshop users, please visit the TUTORIAL pages to learn about how to add new or make a change on an existing resin profile in CW.

NOTE that each printer may be slightly different in curing efficiency. So you may need to do some test printings and adjust the cure time around the recommended cure time to find the most optimal settings for your printer.


All data below are based on the test results without using a mask. About 125%-175% increase in curing time will be needed when masks are in use. For example, a 10s resin needs to be cured for 22.5-27.5s with a Mask.


Questions about "LIFTING", go to the MODEL V TUTORIAL and search for "Configure Lift and Sequence Time".


Useful Tips:

  • Use 250 to 400 sandpaper to rough the building platform will improve the base adhesion.

  • Reduce the burn-in curing time if the base is hard to remove from the build platform. You can start from 25%. Reduce more if necessary.

Resin profile
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