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SKU: 003

XAYAV MaskCreator

Make custom mask profile for your printer

Work with most DLP and LCD 3D printers


How do I make a PERFECT mask profile for my printer?


You can use XAYAV MaskCreator and its software to make a custom mask profile for your printer. MaskCreator uses a LDR sensor to measure the UV output from your LCD and send the data to its software to create the mask profile.

How do I use the MaskCreator on printers other than MODEL V?

You can use XAYAV MaskCreator to create your custom mask profile for other DLP and LCD 3D printers. You can make your own measuring grid for your printer and MaskCreator software will generate a mask profile based on your printer's specification.

We currently provide PLA 3D printed mask grid or its stl. file for Wanhao D7 and other 5.5" LCD 3D printers. You can use the D7 mask grid or the Universal 5.5" LCD mask grid to measure the mask profile on your 3D printer.


Please take a few minutes to visit the MaskCreator product page and the the Tutorial page first to learn more about XAYAV MaskCreator.


Important Notice:

MaskCreator Software currently only working on Windows 7/8/8.1/10

You will need a Windows PC to use this product. You can use either a desktop PC with an extra video output port to connect to your printer or a laptop that has an video output port that you can connect your printer with. Go through the tutorial page and make sure your PC will meet your printer's display requirement. Make sure this product will work for your setup before placing an order.


What is included?


XAYAV MaskCreator x1

Mask Grid for MODEL V x1

Mask Grid for other printer (optional)

M6 flange nut x2

M6 flat washer x4

USB cable x1


Ships in 2-3 business days once clear payment has been received.

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