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LS055R1SX04 5.5" Tempered Glass LCD Kit 2nd Gen for 3D Printers

LS055R1SX04 5.5" Tempered Glass LCD Kit 2nd Gen for 3D Printers

SKU: 00005


LS055D1SX04 LCD panel with tempered glass (*The back light is not removed.) x1

2nd Gen HDMI to MIPI Driver Board (*Micro-USB or Pin-header power option) x1

*Micro-USB powering option is currently out-of-stock

Conversion board x1

Ribbon Cable x1

Positioning tool x1

M6 flanged nuts x2


The positioning tool can be used to position the LCD panel. The tool should fit most of the 5-5.5 inch printers however we can’t test each single printer out there.

The dimension of the 9H Tempered Glass is 145.5 x 87mm with R5.0mm corners.

The glass is pressed and bonded with the LCD panel by clear OCA.

The glass is made of tempered borosilicate glass with UV and visible light transmission rate >99.5%.

The glass was fired at a very long time to ensure the durability. Compare to regular PVC or polymer tempered glass,

borosilicate glass has both higher UV transmission and surface hardness.

There is 3M doubleside tape around the back of the glass for installation.

Improper installation of the ribbon cable or the LCD connector may damage the LCD or cause the LCD to malfunction. Make sure all connectors are properly installed before applying power.

The two buttons on the HDMI to MIPI driver board:

1. Power button. the default settings is automatic turns on. Which means when you powering up your device, the LCD will turn on automatically.

2. Backlight brightness. Press the button to change the brightness of the backlight.

For the pin-header powering option, make sure correct polarity is applied or the board will be damaged. +5V +/-5% with a minimum 250mA is required. 500mA is recommended.


Free 2-3 days priority mail within the US is included.


Each unit is fully tested to be working before shipping.

This item is provided with no instruction or support.

Returns are not accepted.


The datasheet of the LCD panel:

Some key specification of LS055D1SX04:

• Manufacturer: SHARP

• Model Name: LS055R1SX04

• Screen Size: 5.5 inch

• Screen Type: LCM, CG-Silicon

• Pixel Number: 1440(RGB)×2560 (Quad-HD)

• Arrangement: RGB Vertical Stripe

• Active Area(mm): 68.04 × 120.96 (H×V)

• Outline(mm): 70.94 × 128.49 × 1.45 (H×V×D)

• Luminance: 450 cd/m² (Typ.)

• Contrast Ratio: 1300 : 1 (Typ.) (TM)

• Viewing Angle: 80/80/80/80 (Typ.)(CR≥10)

• Response: 35 (Max.)(Tr+Td) ms

• Good View at: Symmetry

• Work Mode: New Mode2, Normally Black, Transmissive

• Color Depth: 16.7M 70% (CIE1931)

• Backlight: 8S2P WLED , No Driver

• Mass: 25.0g (Typ.)

• Refresh Rate: 60Hz

• Touchscreen: Without

• Signal Type: MIPI (2 ch, 4 data lanes) , Connector , 50 pins

• Voltage Supply: 1.8/5.75/-5.75V (Typ.)(IOVCC/VSP/VSN)

• Max. Ratings: Storage Temp.: -30 ~ 70 °C Operating Temp.: -20 ~ 60 °C

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