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DIY LCD Panel Repair/Replacement Kit

DIY LCD Panel Repair/Replacement Kit

SKU: 018

DIY LCD panel repair/replacement kit for XAYAV MODEL V 3D printer.

This kit come with a new LCD panel with its back light removed*, a positioning tool, two nuts to secure the positioning tool and a repair/replacement guide.

It is highly recommended to place new tape around the new LCD panel. The tape should cover 1-2mm of the display area to prevent light leakage.


NOTE: This is a repair/replacement kit that requires you to repair/replacement the LCD panel. The warranty of the printer will be voided once self-repairing is attempted unless otherwise agreed previously with XAYAV.

The repair/replacement guide will be available to the customer via Email once the order receives status Paid. This kit is not refundable once opened.

*For some orders. We may have to ship the LCD panel with the backlight attached to ensure the safe transit of the product. Contact us if you have any questions.

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