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1/8" Inch Stamping Tool Kit (36-Piece)

1/8" Inch Stamping Tool Kit (36-Piece)

SKU: 020

The building platform for each MODEL V printer is calibrated to its printer. The building platforms are not interchangeable between each other; if you have more than one MODEL V printers, you need to mark these building platforms so they don't get mixed up.

STAY ORGANIZED: Use the 1/8" Inch Stamping 36-Piece Tool Kit – Alphabet, Numbers, Symbols Steel Embossing & Engraving Stamp Set to emboss numbers on your building platforms, other parts and tools for organization and engrave your name or your company’s name on both hard and soft-wood, aluminum, and most metal or plastic surfaces.

SMALLER SIZE FOR SMALLER PROJECTS: Each stamp has a 1/10-inch (3mm) diameter shaft and 1/8-inch (3.2mm) high character or symbol; When used, the letter, number, or symbol will be engraved (or embossed) 1/8-inch into the application material.

ALL THE STAMPS YOU NEED: This set includes 36 punches marked A-Z, “&” and 0-8 with a 6 turned upside down to be used as a 9; Simply align on application surface and gently tap with hammer to engrave or emboss; Each piece comes pre-oiled, and we recommend keeping them well-oiled for best results and easy care.

BUILT TO LAST: Each stamp is constructed from drop-forged, heat-treated chrome-vanadium (CR-V) steel for added strength and longevity.

EASY STORAGE: Stamps come organized inside a durable plastic protective case for your convenience.


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This product carries 1-year warranty for customers who have a US shipping address only.

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