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Large Format Desktop 3D Printer Designed for Dental

The most advanced and easy to use DLP 3D printer ever designed for dental use.

Currently under private development.

Open for deposit and business cooperation. Contact us at sale@xayav.com


Estimate development completion data: May 1st 2018

Estimate prototype shipping data (10 units total): July 1st 2018

Estimate production unit shipping data: September 1st 2018

MSRP for XAYAV MODEL D: $4,750

MSRP for XAYAV DeepCure: $850

MSRP for XAYAV Ultrasonic Washer: $650

MSRP for XAYAV Resin Mixer: $850

XAYAV MODEL D High Resolution Desktop 3D Printer Specifications:


          Top-down DLP-based SLA 3D printer


          390 ~ 700 nm

DLP light source:

          220W mercury-vapor lamp

DLP Resolution:

          1920x1080 (69~138 um)

Z accuracy:

          < 2 microns

Layer thickness:

          10 ~ 300 microns

Max. printing volume: 

          Up to 265x149x100 mm @138um

Building speed:

          Up to 100 mm/hour depends on the resin


          Build-in digital mask for light output uniformity


          Mechanical shutter

Curing Efficiency Correction:

          Automatic DLP lamp-hour power correction

          Thermal expansion correction

          Resin viscosity correction

Printing Software (on printer): 

          XAYAV PrintConsole (png files)

Slicing Software (on PC): 

          ChiTu DLP Slicer (stl files)

Printer Controller:

          8-inch touch screen Windows tablet

Printer Connectivity:

          USB, Wi-Fi or Wired Ethernet

Printing File Transfer Media:

          Via Wi-Fi or Ethernet

          USB flash drive or hard drive


          XAYAV MODEL D custom firmware

Resin type: 

          XAYAV 3D printing resin

          Open system options

Printer Size: 


Printer Weight:


Power input:

          85 ~ 265 VAC  47 ~ 63 Hz Worldwide


          1-year limited warranty

Product origin:

          Designed in USA, assembled in USA

Other Features:

          Guided resin level calibration and in-print tracking

          Magnetic building platform

          Power outage and printing interrupt protection

          Battery pack for motor functions

          Zero-failure quality guarantee

          Remote login directly into the printer diagnosis and troubleshooting service

          XAYAV DeepCure post curing machine

          XAYAV Washer ultrasonic post washing machine.

          XAYAV Resin Mixer

Major Development Updates:

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